You Rock, Thank You.
(And Your Subconscious Mind Will Thank YOU!!)

You’ve successfully upgraded your workshop experience and have taken a MASSIVE step towards manifesting your dream year (and life!)

By reprogramming your subconscious mind to get it aligned with
what you desire, you’re truly making your journey to your desired outcome faster, easier and 100% DOABLE. 😊

Please read ALL of the instructions below on how to get the BEST results with your hypnosis (then download it at the bottom of this page.) ⬇️

How to get the BEST results with your hypnosis:


  • The goal of hypnosis is to get you into a super relaxed state so that you can calm your analytical mind and gain access to your subconscious mind in order to implant NEW suggestions (i.e. better, more empowering beliefs!) You will literally be overriding old, outdated and disempowering beliefs with new ones. Therefore, it's really important to do this in a space where you can get really comfortable and won't be interrupted!

  •  Make sure to use HEADPHONESThis is important because the music is intentionally chosen to get your brain waves into the desired state, and it's most effective at doing this when you're using headphones.

  • The BEST times to listen to this hypnosis is either immediately upon waking up in the morning, or immediately before going to sleep at night (or BOTH!) This is because right before going to sleep and right after waking up, your mind is already in that super relaxed state. I personally prefer to do hypnosis laying in my bed at night before sleeping and again in the morning immediately upon waking. 😊

  • if you're lying down on a bed (which I recommend!) then make sure that your upper body is propped up with pillows to help prevent you from falling asleep. You DON'T want to be asleep during the hypnosis- you merely want to be super relaxed.

  • How many days in a row to listen to it? Although it's possible to implant something into your subconscious mind in one day (especially if there's a very strong emotion attached to an event), on average it takes 66 days to reprogram the subconscious- but hypnosis CAN cut that time in half. So for the BEST results, 
    you'll want to listen to this hypnosis DAILY for at least 30 days and up to 60. Afterwards, you can then maintain by doing it once every 2-4 weeks.

  •  Your eyes lightly fluttering under your eye lids is a great sign of hypnosis. So is feeling super light OR heavy! BUT you might not experience these "signs" at all. Just remember, the main goal is to simply RELAX as much as possible. 😊

Aaaaaand that's it!

So relax, put in those headphones and start experiencing the 
life-changing magic that is subconscious reprogramming!