Design Your Dream Year Exclusive Club

A supportive and fun membership
that’s dedicated to helping you manifest the
year (and life) of your dreams! 

The doors are currently CLOSED.


Are you tired of NOT manifesting the life of your dreams?

 Maybe you still desire your soulmate, more money, better health, the dream home, lots of travel,
business & career success, or (insert whatever the heck YOUR big dream is here)?

πŸ’œ  Perhaps you're tired of feeling bored, uninspired and drained by your current life,
but aren't sure what to do next?

πŸ’œ   Maybe you've tried things like traditional goal setting, making a vision board and
writing out affirmations but have little to nothing to show for it?

πŸ’œ   Perhaps you're sick of feeling like you're missing the "secret" to manifestation and are
beginning to doubt yourself and the dreams that you have?

Friend, it's NOT because you're not worthy, have "unrealistic" desires or aren't trying hard enough.

It's because there are crucial pieces to the puzzle that you're likely MISSING. Pieces like ...

➑ Getting clear on how the process of manifestation ACTUALLY works (because it's way more than just visualizing and believing!)

➑ Understanding and utilizing ALL of the Universal Laws (because the Law of Attraction is only ONE of them!)

➑ Discovering and rewiring your subconscious blocks (because your subconscious mind is responsible for 95% of your reality!)

➑ Utilizing your intuition and taking INSPIRED action to move the needle (because constant forcing and hustling ISN'T a necessity!)


Manifestation and the Universal Laws behind it work 100% of the time and are exactly the same for everyone.

Think of life as a game with certain "rules," and once you understand these rules you can finally WIN. πŸ˜‰

... No more just "wishing and hoping."

... No more just sitting around and waiting for the Universe to deliver everything that you asked for on a silver platter.

... No more relying on constant willpower, hustle and force
in order to "make things happen."

... No more confusion around what steps to take.

... No more watching the people around you achieve life goals that
you really want as you wonder what they know that you don't.

The Design Your Dream Year Exclusive Club 
gives you the
 monthly tools, training and support  you need to master your subconscious mind and the Universal Laws so that you can FINALLY MANIFEST the life you're dreaming of!  

Because you’re not meant to just SURVIVE in life-
you're meant to THRIVE in life.

(Plus, you have dreams & desires for a REASON!)

The Design Your Dream Year Exclusive Club is a membership that offers you
a chance to make a commitment to yourself …

that you will strive to be the BEST, most AUTHENTIC version of yourself in this lifetime.

And that you’ll do everything you can to finally get out of your own damn way
in order to create the life of your dreams! (Yes, your dreams ARE calling. That’s why you have them!)

Inside The Design Your Dream Year Exclusive Club, you’ll learn the secret strategies to mastering
the subconscious mind to remove the blocks that have been holding you back while learning how to harness the power of Universal Laws to make manifesting your dream life an INEVITABLE reality!

My friend, it’s your BIRTHRIGHT to live a life that makes your soul scream with pleasure.

 It’s your BIRTHRIGHT to live a life that’s fulfilling, freeing, fun and downright ABUNDANT in every way.

And it’s time to become the most powerful, authentic and vibrant version of yourself
with a structured monthly experience that provides you with the steps, tools and
support you need to manifest the year (and life!) of your dreams!



Implementing what you’ll learn in this membership totally transformed my ENTIRE life. (And CONTINUES
to do so every single day!)

 Oh HEY, I’m Allison. πŸ˜Š

There was a point in my life where I despised my job as a waitress, lived paycheck to paycheck, had chronic anxiety 24/7, suffered from severe OCD, had an eating disorder, was freshly divorced, severely depressed, cutting my wrists to numb the pain and was living inside a cockroach infested apartment that reeked of mildew and pesticide!  

I was MISERABLE and yet … I didn’t even know what I TRULY wanted.

I WANTED to create a life that I LOVED living, but I was unsure of where to start or what to DO so … I decided to just DREAM.

And through that process of dreaming and self discovery, I created a CLEAR VISION of what I wanted my life to look like and decided that I would do whatever it took to make it my reality!

I embarked on a journey to master and transform every single aspect of my life ...

I dove head first into all things self development and spirituality, and I made it my mission to step into the TRUTH of who I am:

 A divine, limitless being with infinite potential!

(Psssst, you're this TOO!)

And throughout the years, I learned how to tap into my intuition (aka the internal GPS system we all have that's always guiding you to your fullest expression and the life of your dreams!), and I became OBSESSED with learning how to reprogram the subconscious mind and harness Universal Laws in order to create my DREAM reality.

Since then I’ve been able to create things that I once thought
were “impossible,” like creating my own profitable businesses, hitting financial goals that I had only dreamed about, healing my 20 years of chronic anxiety + OCD, ditching my eating disorder, getting my dream apartment and, most importantly … creating a life that’s FULFILLING AF where I get to live in alignment with who I really am and what lights me up!

And now I've distilled a DECADE'S worth of experience and knowledge down into simple, step-by-step monthly trainings and tools that you can use to transform every single area of YOUR life and manifest absolutely anything starting TODAY.

Because here's the thing:

The dreams and desires you have are like little bread crumbs that are leading you towards your FULLEST expression and the life of your dreams, and they're meant to be followed!

YOU are the creator of your reality, and you're already manifesting 24/7 with zero effort. The thing is, most of it is UNCONSCIOUS, so this is about getting into the driver's seat and reprogramming yourself to believe that creating whatever you desire is EASY! (And then it IS.) πŸ˜‰

Creating isn't hard. Manifesting isn't hard. It's simply the part of you whose forgotten who you are (a limitless, divine being!) whose making it difficult. So reclaiming your power, reprogramming your subconscious mind and harnessing Universal Laws to create your DREAM reality is what I'm SO excited to help you do!

But manifesting your dream life & creating personal transformation isn’t a one-and-done thing.

That’s why I created the Design Your Dream Year Membership.

I wanted to take the best of everything I’ve learned over the last 10+ years and turn it into a simple, actionable process that’s given in a fun, support-driven ONGOING monthly experience so that you can create the life of YOUR dreams too! 😊

See why members are saying it’s worth 1,000x the investment (after only 1 month!)

From manifesting more money to more clarity 
to more freedom to experiencing life-changing breakthroughs, see what some of the members
are saying after only a few short weeks!

You (dare I say) NEED to be in The Design Your Dream Year Exclusive Club if you can relate:

πŸ’œ  You’re ready to prioritize your personal growth and transformation

πŸ’œ  You’re craving a process of step-by-step development that you can integrate into your life

πŸ’œ  You desire to be FULLY alive and go all-in on your dreams with a clear vision + roadmap 

πŸ’œ  You’d love to consistently hit "unrealistic" goals from a space of ease, alignment and flow

πŸ’œ  You’d like to manifest more money, more freedom, more fun- whatever the eff you want!

πŸ’œ  You want to be a part of a supportive community of like-minded people who GET you

It's time to ditch the status quo and go from SETTLING to CHOOSING to create the life you're dreaming of.

(And doing so from a place of alignment, ease and flow-
NOT loads of pushing, pressure and hustle!)

After doing things the HARD way for many years (i.e. relying on willpower, hustling my butt off and severely
burning myself out in the process), I've discovered the SECRET to "effortless" results:

Reprogramming the subconscious mind and harnessing Universal Laws.

The reason why things like traditional goal setting and new years resolutions tend to end up in failure
and self sabotage is because subconsciously, you have a belief that CONTRADICTS what you want. And your subconscious mind is POWERFUL- it creates 95% of your reality on autopilot!

So when you understand how to REPROGRAM your subconscious mind to get on board with what you want?

AND you understand how the Laws of the Universe work when it comes to creation?

Creating the life of your dreams becomes INEVITABLE.

Instead of constantly hustling, pushing and forcing ...

Instead of being ruled by fear, lack and frustration ...

You create and receive from the space of knowing that whatever you desire is ALREADY DONE, and you let your subconscious mind and Universal Laws do the heavy lifting by bringing you the exact people, resources, experiences and insight that you need in order to manifest whatever your soul longs for the most!

And inside the Design Your Dream Year Exclusive Club,
you'll get the monthly trainings, tools and support you need in order to do just that. ☺️



Okay but … how does this membership work?

On the 1st of every month, you’ll receive an epic bundle of goodies that’s centered around a particular theme to help you manifest the year (and life!) of your dreams.

This bundle includes an actionable, 30-60 minute video training
and custom journal prompts that are DESIGNED to lead you to MAJOR breakthroughs, as well as a selection of other tools to help you fully integrate and embody what you learn (which is where you get the REAL RESULTS!) 

So besides the monthly video training and journal prompts, the other tools vary month-to-month depending on what I consider to be the MOST helpful and impactful in helping you to get the results you want from the trainings each month.

(They can include meditations, hypnosis recordings, breathwork sessions, EFT tapping sessions, digital downloads, different spiritual and manifesting rituals etc.)

Every month, you’ll also receive direct support from me inside the members only FB group where you can ask questions, connect with others and get more integration tips (we even hold a MONTHLY contest to help keep you motivated!)

At the end of every month (usually the last Sunday of the month), you will have exclusive access to attend a monthly, private group connection and support call with me on Zoom to get the extra support, accountability, feedback and coaching you need!

You also get instant access to the GOLD MINE that is $3,333 worth of tools and trainings from previous months!

(Including my Design Your Dream Vision 3-Day Workshop!)

These trainings and tools will help you do things like:

πŸ’œ Get crystal clarity on what your ideal "dream life" looks like in detail

πŸ’œ Understand the process of manifestation so that you can create whatever "results" you want in life

πŸ’œ Reprogram limiting subconscious beliefs to end self sabotage and destructive patterns for good

πŸ’œ Heal your relationship with money so that you can bring in WAY more of it

πŸ’œ Raise your self worth, self love and confidence to become a manifestation magnet

πŸ’œ Experience less anxiety and way more peace

 πŸ’œ Manifest and heal through difficult and challenging times

πŸ’œ ... and SO much more!

Hypnosis recordings, guided meditations, EFT tapping sessions, breathwork, planning pages, custom journal prompts, magical rituals, actionable video trainings ... everything you need to manifest a life that's even BETTER than your vision board!



The Design Your Dream Year Exclusive Club is a membership that provides you with your ROADMAP to personal transformation and manifesting the year (& life) of your dreams!

Not gonna lie, it would be EASY for me to bloat this membership with a bunch of things you’ll never use.


And unlike MOST memberships, I’m not gonna brag about how you’ll get “instant access to 1000’s of hours worth of content!”


(Although you WILL get access to previous month’s video trainings & tools,
which is LESS than 20 hours worth of training videos.)


This ISN’T about binge watching hours worth of content in order to feel “productive.”

This is about me giving you the LEAST amount of “stuff” every month and focusing on giving you ONLY the things that will really help move the needle in manifesting your dream reality!

You’ll be getting ONE 30-60 minute video training to watch each month
(which is totally doable!) and then the rest of the tools you’ll get each month will be focused on helping you
to IMPLEMENT and EMBODY what you learn.

(Think of these extra tools that’ll go with the video training like a buffet of goodies that you can
pick and choose from to implement into your life in order to get RESULTS!)

Let's break it down ...
here's everything you get inside the Design Your Dream Year Exclusive Club!


βœ”οΈ  Instant access to the Design Your Dream Year Exclusive Club, private community and all of it's content for an entire year

βœ”οΈ  One new monthly actionable 30-60 minute training video ($247 value)

βœ”οΈ  Monthly set of new custom journal prompts that are DESIGNED for transformational breakthroughs and implementing what you learn ($27 value)

βœ”οΈ  New monthly tools for implementing what you learn each month (these vary month-to-month) but include: meditations, hypnosis sessions, EFT tapping sessions, breathwork sessions, digital downloads, manifesting rituals and more! ($97 value)

βœ”οΈ  A private FB group for questions, getting support, accountability etc. ($487 value)

βœ”οΈ  One monthly live group call on Zoom to get the support, connection, accountability & coaching you need on your manifesting journey ($197 value)

βœ”οΈ  Access to my signature Design Your Dream Vision Workshop to get crystal clarity on YOUR dream life and EXACTLY what you want to manifest this year ($497 value)


βœ”οΈ  Access to all previous video trainings and tools ($3,333+ value)

Plus the clarity, steps, tools & monthly support you need to step into your fullest potential and radically transform your reality into your “DREAM” reality (priceless!)

That's over $11,133 in value πŸ€―

Get started for just $1.52 a day (that's less than your average cup of non-fancy coffee!)

This is PERFECT for you if you are:

  • Not afraid to admit that you want MORE out of life

  • You’re READY to step into a more expansive, abundant, fun, freeing, authentic and JUICY life that’s aligned with who you really are and what your soul longs for the most

  • Have an open mind to new perspectives and possibilities

  • Are ready to drop the disempowering story of why you CAN'T and instead commit to seeing why you CAN

  • Sick of traditional goal setting methods that leave you feeling pressured, overwhelmed and defeated- ESPECIALLY when it feels like you never end up actually reaching your goals in the first place

  • Are willing to commit a couple hours each month to DO THE WORK

This is NOT for you if you are:

  • Satisifed with living the status-quo

  • Not willing to have an open mind and explore new possibilities

  • Not interested in stepping outside of your comfort zone

  • Like to move slowly and see a delayed return on your (time and money) investment

  • Have a habit of buying digital courses and then not taking them

  • Someone who sees this membership as another "expense"

  • Unwilling to take 100% responsibility for your reality

  • Looking for a get-rich-quick scheme 

You've got questions? I've got answers!



Let’s get real.

If deep down, you know that you need this, BUT you’re still hesitating …

Then it’s likely that your CURRENT circumstances are influencing this decision.

(Things like what’s in your bank account or how much time you have!) These external factors tend to influence and PREVENT most people from investing in themselves.

And IF that’s you (I see you!!!) then listen carefully:

Because when you let your CURRENT circumstances dictate decisions about your FUTURE,
then you will KEEP REPEATING your current circumstances!

(I gotta give a little tough love sometimes.) 😊

Basically, when you say, “I don’t have the money or time to invest in something
to help me reach my goals and create my dream life,” … then you will CONTINUE to not reach your goals and create your dream life!

… Makes sense right?

In order to actually manifest your dream life, you’ll need to start operating differently 
(otherwise you'd already be living your dream life!) You'll need to start operating as the version of yourself who already has the reality that you want- starting NOW.

And I get it …

Investing in yourself and doing things differently can feel really scary.

BUT ... all of the REAL magic happens OUTSIDE of your comfort zone
and on the OTHER SIDE of fear. πŸ˜‰


My friend, if you commit 3-ish hours a month to doing the work,
then you will absolutely activate incredible results. What
would living your dream life be worth to you?


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