How to Raise Your Vibration in 60 Seconds to Manifest Anything FAST

One of the biggest KEYS to manifesting what you want is getting into "energetic alignment" with it consistently.

"Okay but what the SAM HILL does that actually MEAN, Allison?!"

Well, it means FEELING as though you ALREADY HAVE what you want to manifest!


BEFORE it manifests.

Because doing this consistently BEFORE it manifests is what'll cause it TO manifest!

Makes perfect sense, right?!

But let's face it; we ALL have those moments where we feel like crap.

So in today's short and snappy video, I'm sharing how you can easily raise your vibration in 60 seconds in order to manifest whatever you want FAST.

Think of it as a little energetic pick-me-up to use anytime you need it! 

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