3-Step Process to Remove Your Subconscious Blocks

Did you know that your subconscious mind (the part of your mind that you're not even AWARE of) is responsible for creating a whopping 95% of your reality???

Yeah that's right ...

95% of what you see in your reality (from your relationships, to your financial situation, to your health, to your job ... literally everything!) has been a product of creation by your subconscious mind.

Unfortunately for most of us, this means that our SUBCONSCIOUS is actually getting in the way of what we'd like to manifest!


Because throughout our early childhood (when our subconscious mind is most "programmable"), our subconscious mind gets programmed through what we experience ...

Through traumatic events, things are parents or caregivers said or did, through things our teachers and friends said, through the media ...

And a LOT of this programming is limiting and hindering to what you want.

Basically, if you have a SUBconscious belief that goes AGAINST what you'd like to manifest, then you will ultimately self sabotage yourself in some way, shape or form.

For example, if you consciously want to make $100k per year in your business, but you have the subconscious belief that "rich people are evil" (which is something most people have been programmed with), then your subconscious mind will sabotage your $100k from manifesting because it doesn't want you to be "evil!"

Makes sense, right? πŸ˜…

That's why in today's short and snappy video, I'm sharing a simple 3-step process to remove your subconscious blocks so that you can ACTUALLY manifest what you want.

Your subconscious mind is like the most powerful super computer in the world that's just waiting to create the reality you want ...

IF you know how to program it. πŸ˜‰

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